Paralimni Marina - Final design revealed

The final design of the Paralimni Marina was revealed at an event held at the Hilton Hotel in Nicosia on Tuesday evening.

In the presence of the President of the Republic and other officials the event, hosted by PMV Maritime Holdings Limited, was the first official opportunity to see a model of this ambitious project.

In his address the President of the Republic said, “This project is more tangible proof of the significant developments in the tourism sector that have been in progress in recent years”.

President Anastasiades added “It is with great pleasure that I attend the presentation of the final design of the Paralimni marina, a particularly important infrastructure project for the enrichment of the tourist product of the free Famagusta District and beyond.”

In the wide-ranging speech the President added more details: “The Paralimni marina, which will be declared as the official point of entry of the Republic, will have a capacity of 300 vessels and will include residential and commercial developments. The cost of the project will amount to 110 million euros and the funds come entirely from Cypriot investors, PMV Maritime Holdings Limited, which again proves that Cypriot entrepreneurs believe and support the development prospects of our country.

This particular project is tangible proof of the significant developments in the tourism sector that have or are in the process of implementation in recent years, such as the casino resort, the marinas of Ayia Napa, Limassol and Larnaca, new hotel units, mixed tourism developments and golf courses.”

Discussing the benefits of the project the President added: “The Paralimni marina is expected to deliver, both at the construction stage and after its completion, multiple economic and social benefits to the local community as well as the wider Famagusta region.

An indication of what has been said is the fact that agreements have already been made for the commercial use of the premises, with a similar interest in the purchase of residential units.

At the same time, by upgrading the image of the region, it is expected to strengthen and give a significant impetus to the remarkably visible growth experienced by Famagusta in recent years with new major infrastructure projects…”

The plan details that Paralimni Marina will have space for 300 boats with all the necessary support services, a reception area for boat owners and their crews, fuel, special boat equipment stores etc. In addition there will be offices for the police, customs and immigration services.

Residential properties will include 123 apartments and 3 villas with a beach park. Owners and the general public will be able to enjoy services from a variety of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

It was noted that an environmental study is expected to be submitted in order for the necessary planning permissions to be issued.

Paralimni Marina - Final design revealed