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As a result of the recent downpours the dam in Argaka overflowed on Friday evening to the joy of residents in the area.

At a time when the amount of water contained in Cyprus dams is at a critical level, the recent rains are proving beneficial.

The Argaka Dam in the Paphos district, built in 1964 with a capacity of 990 thousand cubic metres of water, overflowed at around 5pm on Friday.

The overflow is a good sign for the farmers in the area who produce different types of fruit such as mangoes, avocados, lemons and oranges.

The dam supplies water to all the agricultural pieces of land in the Argaka area – in addition it also feeds water to the Evretou dam.

Whilst the dam is not one of the largest in Cyprus it last overflowed in 2017, 2014 & 2012.

The Pomos Dam, also in the Paphos district is expected to overflow shortly and stands at 72% of capacity.

Earlier on Friday the dams in Cyprus were at 18% of capacity, compared with 27.7% on the same day last year.

On Friday morning, the water inflow to the dams in January reached 15,435 million cubic metres.

Last year the total inflow in January was just over 21 million cubic metres, whilst in 2016 it was just 3,685 cubic metres.

27/01/2018 – Edit: Correction added Pomos dam
  • Grant Bannister

    Great to see and may their be much more…but where does all this overflow go? Not in the Sea I hope.