Monk Seal Cyprus
Cyprus Tourism News | Seal join swimmers in sea off Kato Paphos

One of the two rare Mediterranean monk seals who made an appearance in the summer of 2016, off the coast of ​​Kato Paphos, has returned.

The seal was spotted in the Municipal Baths area and a few swimmers were lucky enough to see the beautiful creatures up close.

The event was confirmed by the President of the Association of Winter Swimmers, Mattheos Ierokipiotis, who reported that the seal was swimming this time in shallow water, reaching up to the Castle of Kato Paphos area.

“Several of us had the chance to admire and admittedly it was a great spectacle” he said.

The seals have been spotted occasionally in previous years around the coastline from Paphos to Akamas.

According to the department of fisheries and marine research, each sighting is recorded on the ministry’s database.

Named “monachus monachus” in Latin and “monk” in English, they don’t move around in colonies but are usually see one at a time, maximum two.

The critically endangered species is threatened by the loss of habitats in Cyprus and in other Mediterranean countries.

Photo: Monk Seal off Paphos Coast 2015 © Department of Fisheries & Marine Research