Get ready for the kataklysmos festivals
Cyprus Tourism news | Get ready for the Kataklysmos festivals

This coming Monday, 28th May, is a Bank Holiday in Cyprus celebrating the Feast of Kataklysmos – a Greek Orthodox festival focusing primarily on water, Kataklysmos or Festival of the Flood marks the day of the Holy Spirit.

This traditional celebration relates to the book of Genesis and the destruction by flood of almost all living creatures.

Coastal towns make the most of the opportunity, staging concerts and games near the waterfront, usually with a traditional street market (panagyri) selling a range of Cypriot foods and sweets.

The celebrations are similar in most towns and include folk dancing, singing, swimming competitions and boat races. Popular traditional songs (tsattista) are also sung and the most popular custom of “Kataklysmos” is the throwing of water to one another (symbolising the purification of the body and soul)

This is a great day to be in any of the seaside resorts of Cyprus, as all the major seaside towns have a festival or fair taking place near the water – usually held over several days.